Precise, functional and elegant

About SNIPER Guitars

The perfect guitar? Over the last decades we have played many different guitars. Some of them had various characteristics that we thought were perfect. However, there was not one that was entirely convincing in terms of precision, functionality and sound. We always had to work with compromises. Sometimes larger sometimes smaller ones.

One point in particular stood out to us time and time again: The only significant difference in new guitar models, was often the design. Not the technological design, but actually just colors, various woods and tops. Sometimes red, sometimes flamed, sometimes with maple neck, sometimes with gold or matte black tuners. This can be compared to car manufacturers releasing the same car, with the same engine, but different colors, for decades.

We admit, in the world of guitars there is no need to reinvent the wheel. It remains a stringed instrument made of wood and various components that have proven to be optimal. Nevertheless, we believe that the focus is primarily on looks, rather than functionality. Please don't misunderstand: Nobody wants to play an ugly guitar. However, it's not much better to play a sexy guitar that can only be played mediocre. Whose pickup switch, for example, is difficult to reach. The neck construction of which is so unfavorable that playing in high positions always becomes a torture. This is exactly where SNIPER Guitars comes into play.

SNIPER Guitars focuses primarily on the demands and needs of the guitarist. A guitar without compromise, with top playability, functionally arranged elements and unique sound. Paired with a timeless, elegant design.

All SNIPER guitars are handmade in Austria, from high quality components and selected woods.

For us, this is a long-awaited dream come true. Now you can be part of this dream.